Sunday, 19 April 2015

Astro Zombies - Frogs Legs 2015

Over the years The Astro Zombies have always done their own thing,sometimes quirky, never boring and  usually unpredictable.Hell that's part of their appeal and regardless if you like them or not they are a kool and major psychobilly band . It's been around 4 years since the band released their 5th album "From Strength To Strength". Well now there back with "Frog Legs"and this is one killer album.This puppy slides in with 12 tracks of old school psychobilly and  a rock n roll flare that will blow you away.It's no stretch to say this is  a fun, fresh  and vital album  that leaves you wanting more.Highlights include: " Alligator Man","Go Out!","Attack Of The Green Farts","Crazy Monkey"and " Frogs Legs".
  When all is said and done,  "Frogs Legs"  may just be the Astro Zombies best album yet and one you really should have.It's pretty sweet!Highly recommended!! 

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