Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Devil 'n' Us – Devil's Music 2013

When The Devil 'n' Us burst onto the German music in 2012 they really created waves and a ton of buzz.After all these kats  are in or have been members of Mad Sin, Blue Rockin', Sunny Domestozs. Kimikaze Queens and the Frantic Flintstones.That's  impressive pedigree, no matter how you look at it.The 4 song ep they released last year was well received and validated all the buzz about them.So now the band is back with their debut album "Devil's Music" and it's one pretty strong album that's way more rock n roll than psychobilly.This puppy crashes in  with 13 tracks that will hook and haul  you in for one kool ride.We get some rockabilly,punk,psychobilly and even a little saxophone that all combine to make one kool rock n roll stew.Highlights include: "Arise"," The Devil In Me", "Borrowed Wings"  and "Three Questionmarks"

        Devil's Music is a diverse platter that will plesantly surprise many and it is one of the better releases so far in 2013 ,it's that good. Recommended

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