Sunday, 3 November 2013

Koffin Kats – Born Of The Motor 2013

Detroit's finest The Koffin Kats has to be one of the hardest working outfits there this.It seems that these kats have been constantly on the road since 2003.As a result the band has quite a substantial following  and deservedly so  With the release of their 7th album "Born Of The Motor "the band has upped the ante.Charging in with 12 tracks that for the most part kick butt.We get the trademark psychobilly you would expect but at times the tone and feel  is a bit different . Without a doubt this is the band's most personal album yet and arguably their best.Highlights include:"The Collector"," This Heart (Stays On Ice)","Giving Blood" and the title track " Born Of The Motor".

 If anything  "Born Of The Motor" cements The Koffin Kats as one of the best psychobilly/punk bands out there.The band has never sounded this good or tight.Hell they still sound lean ,mean and hungry.You gotta like that. Recommended

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