Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tallboys - One 2013

One of the most anticipated albums of this year has to be the Tall Boys "One". This legendary band has never really released an official album until now.From 1983-87 the band put out some singles, an ep and a mini album .In 1998 "Funtime" a complete works was released and in 2011 "Live at the Klub Foot" (recorded in 1985) came out and the band reformed and played  a few gigs .Earlier this year the band generated a fair amount of buzz (on both sides of the Atlantic) when they entered Camden Recording Studios to lay down an album.The resulting disc "One" is vintage Tall Boys  and that's a good thing.This is killer stuff folks and just what you would want and expect.Old school psychobilly meets garage, punk and rock n roll that's still unique and kool .This puppy slides in with some new,some old and a few covers that add up to one hell of an album.Highlights include:"Another Day ","River Of Fire","This Bird Will Fly" and  "The Man Who Walked On the Moon". 
      The Tall Boys are in fine form here and as a result "One "is diffidently one of the better albums to come down the pike this year.Hell it may even blow your socks off! Recommended.

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