Monday, 5 August 2013

Sonny Tucker and The Tornados - Wild Wild Lover 2013

When the Swiss band  Sonny Tucker and The Tornados  first  formed  back in 2011 there was a bit of a buzz and deservedly so.After all this was all three members of the Barnyard PA plus the front man  from Jerry & The Rockets.Here was a band that really could go in any direction  and pull it off.The band has now delivered  their debut album "Wild Wild Lover" and it's a dewsy.Coming in with 14 (4 originals 10 covers) tracks that are for the most part  straight up rockabilly.There are also splashes of country and blues tossed in to mix things up a bit.Highlights include: "Out Of Control","Rock With The Tornados" ,"Bad Girl" and a kool cover of "The House Is Rockin".
This is one of those albums that is well executed,well produced,has great song selection  and sounds great .There is nothing here not to like,this is authentic rockabilly done the way it should be.Recommended! 

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