Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Porres - Dos Males o Pior 2013

South American psychobilly has a rep for being pretty heavy .However there are more than a few bands that play psychobilly with a huge country/cowboy bent.For the most part these bands have success in their homelands but are kinda unknown  in the rest of the world  Case in point The Porres  who have been kickin' around São Paulo, Brazil since 2007.The  bands  long awaited debut  album "Dos Males o Pior"is finally here and this puppy will surprise many if given the chance.This is one kool sounding disc of 13 tracks that fuses country, all kinds of billy and spaghetti into a kinda unique package. Highlights include: " DirtyBilly","Transtorno Bipolar","Mortos Vivos" and "A Maldicao".
  Dos Males o Pior  is  dark ,fun, kool and most of all just a really good album that you may want to sink your teethe into.Recommended.

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