Sunday, 11 August 2013

Snakebite - Rockin' up a Storm 2013

 There are a few bands that are named Snakebite and they're all crap except for the one that hails from Sweden.Since 2001 these teddyboy rockers have been dishing out consistently killer rock n roll/rockabilly. When these guys deliver an album you just know it's going to be damn good.  Rockin' up a Storm is the band's 9th album  and comes in with 14 tracks that are sure to have you up and movin.This is just what you would expect from Snakebite :top shelve rock n roll/rockabilly .Highlights include: "Cadillac 55" ,"Just A Game", "One Of A Kind" and "Rockin' up a Storm".
  The presence of Steve Riot,Ronnie Nightingale and Wild Bob Burgos  only bolster an already strong album. Some fans and critics are saying this is the band's best album,that's a tough call,it's up there for sure.Let's just say most so-called rock n roll acts only wish they were this good.Recommended!

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