Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Kings Of Outer Space - How To Fly A Rocket 2013

The Kings Of Outer Space believe it or not really hail from Bristol and brother it's time we take them seriously.Back in 2010 they dropped a niffty debut album called "Cosmic Debris" that managed to turn a few heads.Now in 2013 these outer space kats have upped the ante with the release of " How To Fly A Rocket". I'm talkin'  more fun, more kool and more "intergalactic rockabilly". We get 13 pretty damn solid  tracks that deliver the goods.This is a lively twisty stew of rockabilly with a healthy dash of diversity  thrown in for good measure.Hell we even get a squeeze box  and some banjo too boot.Highlights include" Fall From Grace","Cosmic Thrust","Monkey Arm" and "44".
 How To Fly A Rocket   is more than a really good  sophomore album.This is fun ,refreshing and at times pretty original.There's nothing here not to like.Recommended   

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