Saturday, 27 July 2013

Frankie & The Pool Boys - The Adventures Of Cap'n Coconuts 2013

Until recently I had never heard Frankie & The Pool Boys, chances are most of you haven't either and that's just not right .This  San Francisco based band is nothing short of what you could call a surf super group.With members from The Surf Coasters, Pollo Del Mar, The TomorrowMen, Meshugga Beach Party and The Gregors what else would you call it. The band's debut album came out in 2008.Since then the band has done some touring but all the members have  been busy with their regular gigs. Late last year the band finally  had the time to record their sophomore album. The resulting effort "The Adventures Of Cap'n Coconuts" is simply stunning. Clocking in at around 42 minutes with 14 tracks that  not only are surprisingly original but are also fun and totally refreshing.One could argue that some tracks aren't really surf,sure but this is a top notch group of players pushing the boundaries of surf .Pretty well every track here is a highlight but some of the standouts are: " Cat Fight, " Rattler Ranch", " Cap'n Coconuts TV Theme" and "Manx!.
  There is so much going on here that it takes a few listenings  to wrap your head around "The Adventures Of Cap'n Coconuts" but it's well worth the effort.Straight up: this is a great  surf/instrumental  album. Highly recommended!

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