Friday, 26 July 2013

Christian D And The Hangovers - Cut Loose And Live 2013

One thing you gotta know about Christian D And The Hangovers  is that these boys can rock .Hailing from the big smoke known as Toronto these kats have been rippin' it up since 2007 .Playing a brand of rockabilly that's just as much rock n roll with a bit of punk attitude,you can't help but take notice.With one ep,an album and a couple of singles the band has shown that it's not afraid to step outside the rockabilly box.Which brings us to the band's latest release "Cut Loose And Live" and I gotta say this is one impressive live album.Clocking in with 15 songs,this is one set that is sure to light a fire under your ass.We get a kool mix of covers and originals as well as some new tunes.Highlights include " Gasoline Radio"(a new tune),"Vampire Rocker ", "Looked 19" and " Hot Mess".
   Christian D And The Hangovers are in fine form here  and as far as live albums go "Cut Loose And Live"   is one of the better ones to come down the pike in the last couple of years. Definitely worth throwing a few of your hard earned bucks down on.Recommended

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