Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hancox - Vegas Lights 2012

Without  a doubt this is one of the most anticipated  releases of the year when it comes to the psychobilly/rockabilly world. Officially “Vegas Lights” is Pip Hancox’s solo debut album .If you’re expecting a Guana Batz disc here be prepared ,it’s not .What we get here is 13 tracks(12 originals and 1 cover)that range from psychobilly to punk to hard rock. For the most part this is one intense and interesting ride .Highlights include “Black Door City”, “Bleed“, “Toxic Twins“ and the instrumental “Carburetor”. At the end of the day this is a surprisingly good and solid album that will grow on you .What is really interesting however is the amount of positive reviews “Vegas Lights”  is getting , not just from the billy world  but also from the hard rock and metal crowds  and that should tell you something .                                    

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