Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Raggy Ass Boys - Dead Men Walking 2019

  It's one thing to prolific and another thing to be consistently good. But when a band is both,you just know there are top shelf. While The Raggy Ass Boys are one of those bands and they have only been around a couple of years now. With the release of their sophomore album  "Dead Men Walking" ,these kats have firmly cemented a rep as a killer modern rockabilly.This puppy punches in with 14 original tracks of sweet and stout rockabilly/ neorockabilly.It's easily on par and at times better than their debut album "Ugly Betty " and that should tell you how good it is.With  slow burners to all out rockers, this has a solid and kool vibe from start to finish. Highlights include: "Cellphone Zombie" , "The Ripper",  "Better If You Died" and "Manson's Ranch" 
           "Dead Men Walking" is loaded to bear and a flat winner.You really don't want to miss out here.Hell even your kids will think your kool when you crank this puppy. Highly Recommended!!!   

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