Sunday, 22 March 2020

The Brains - Satana Tarantula 2020

  Back in 2015 The Brains released the kool "Out In The Dark".Since then a lot has happened with frontman Rene D La Muerte forming Batcave Records and the band Bat! as well as a few other projects.Then bassman Collin the Dead joined up with The Hypnohonics.For many fans of The Brains it looked like the band was dead in the water. Well have no fear,they're back with  the release of their 8th album " Satana Tarantula" and they aren't pulling any punches.This is a kinetic strike with 11 originals and 1 cover (Electric Avenue) of psychobilly mayhem .Hell they even throw in some horn and piano action for your pleasure.Arguably it's their most diverse release ranging from a 50's inspired rocker to all out psychobilly.There is also guest appearances from Danny B Harvey, Patrica Day (The Horrorpops) and a few others.Highlights include: "C'Mon Lets Do It All Night"  "Fire", "Hellhounds", 'Swing It" and "Satana Tarantula".
           With  "Satana Tarantula" ,The Brains show no signs of slowing down.It hits hard and fast.They mix it up a bit and deliver the goods.This is another killer release by a band that is still on top of their game.Highly recommended!!!   

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