Friday, 19 April 2019

Washington Dead Cats - Attack Of The Giant Purple Lobsters

 No one can even accuse the Washington Dead Cats  of been boring.They have been one of the most entertaining and exciting bands out there for years now.Their brand of punkabilly/ wild rock n roll may have one shaking their head but there is no denying it's a blast of fresh air and fun.Also they have never been afraid to change it up ,you just have to check out the band's rap sheet of 12 albums and a whack of singles to see that. With their new and 13th album, " Attack Of The Giant Purple Lobsters" the band makes a return to their early wild side and it's damn good. This puppy smashes in 15 tracks of action packed wild rock n roll/ punkabilly .Once again these cats bring on the horns and  don't stay in the box .They throw in  garage,surf ,country and even some beatnik into the mix.It's an exciting affair that is tied together by 3 tracks about the giant purple lobsters.Highlights include: "Give Me The Fire", "Tiger In My Pants", "I Can't Stop Loving You ", "Hellhound On My Trail"and " Attack Of The Giant Purple Lobsters"


     The Washington Dead Cats have scored a  direct hit with " Attack Of The Giant Purple Lobsters". This is a flat out killer album by a band that knows how to deliver the goods and still has a lot of gas in the tank.Highly recommended!!

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