Sunday, 7 April 2019

Lou Cifer And The Hellions - Rockville Revelation 2019

Lou Cifer And The Hellions  are flat out kool ,hell one could argue they are the kings of Teddy Boy Rock.Since emerging from the Ruhr area in 1995 they have stayed the course and delivered refreshing and original Teddy Boy action.Over that time the result has been 5 damn stout and fun albums.Now they're back with  "Rockville Revelation" a delicious rock n roll serving that will have you up and at it. Talk about a good bang for your buck,this time out we get 18 tracks that hit at full stride and really keep the pace up.It's  all good and they even throw in a little hillbilly and some sax just to keep you on your toes. Highlights include: "Down Out And Restless", "My Mama Don't Rock", "Workman", "Dance With The Devil" and "Full Moon And Empty Bottles".
  It's always a pretty sure bet when it comes Lou Cifer And The Hellions and they nail it with "Rockville Revelation".You can't go wrong here. This is one sweet rock n roll / teddy boy album that is really irresistible.Highly recommended!!! 

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