Saturday, 13 April 2019

Stage Frite - Swanabilly Kink 2019

  Since their return in 2016  Stage Frite have been on a  roll. Hell they released 2 stout albums, "Psycho Gospel Hillbilly Love Trash", an all cover affair and then quickly followed it up with "Scarier Than Swans". Now they are  back with their 4th and best effort yet,," Swanabilly Kink" and this time out they mean business. Punching in with 11  killer originals and 2 covers that will color you impressed.It starts out with a short  piano version of "Swan Lake"(played by producer Alan Wilson) and then the hammer drops.This puppy proceeds to up the anti and the result is some wild and hard hitting psychobilly mayhem. It's an action packed  affair and the band's sense of humor helps drive it.Highlights include: "Rockabilly Weekend", "Messed Up Swanabilly Kink", "Sleep Feeders", "Massacre At Mudpike" and "Jugstore Baby"
    You can't go wrong with "Swanabilly Kink", it's damn kool hard rockin' psychobilly and a  flat out  killer album too boot.Crank this baby up and scare your neighbours and the kids on the block will think your pretty kool. Highly recommended!!!        

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