Sunday, 3 March 2019

Delta 88 - Firefly 2019

People really like Delta 88 and for good reason; this is a stout outfit that keeps it simple and fun. Hell they play very catchy rockabilly (with a shot of neo rockabilly) that's highly contagious. One just has to check out their ep,"Rockabilly Tales" and debut album "Rocket Powered" to back up what I'm saying.Now they have released "Firefly" and they're is no sophomore jinx here.This puppy comes in boppin' and crackling in with 14 originals that guarantee a good time.It's full of rockabilly with a healthy shot of neo rockabilly. We get both male and female lead vocals,a little bit of their kool quirkiness and and at times a sense of innocents.So in other words, they stay the course here and step it up a bit. Highlights include: "She Does Me Good", "Cherry Pie Till I Die", "Damsel In Distress", the hard rockin' "Panther In The Night" and "Return Of The Girl With A Ray Gun".

    From start to finnish  "Firefly" is not only damn sweet it's also well balanced and produced (Alan Wilson of Western Star Records) .  If your looking for something that's refreshing and a whack of fun this rockabilly platter is just what you need and want. Highly recommended!!

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