Sunday, 9 December 2018

Sandy & the Wild Wombats - Wanderlust 2018

  Sandy and The Wild Wombats are on a mission and that's a good thing for us. This rockin' outfit just keeps getting better, delivering  top shelf rockabilly/rock n roll at every turn.The band's latest and 3rd offering; "Wanderlust" is proof of that.This puppy snarls and bites with 16 tracks including  a hidden bonus track that will definitely colour you impressed.The album throws up 14 stout and kool originals and  is bookend with 2 different versions of a cover of "I Love Rock And  Roll". It's also a great mix of straight up rockabilly to sharp rock n roll.They also add shots of blues and country into an already delicious dish. From  slow burners to all out rockers this disc has something for everyone.Highlights include: " Ride With The Rockers", "Wanderlust", "Girls Girls Girls", "Come On Let's Rock and "Tight Leatherette".

    One can't help but like Sandy & the Wild Wombats and "Wanderlust " only strengthens that.This is a strong ,well written and balanced  album that is strongly executed.You really should throw down some of your  hard earned cash down on this one.Highly recommended!!   

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