Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Looney Boppers - Jungle Party 2018

Unless you follow the Russian billy/rock n roll scene , you probably aren't aware of how many really good bands there are coming out of Russia. Hell I'm talking top shelf outfits ,one of those bands is the Looney Boppers and man these kats not only rock but they are also a whack of fun.Hailing from St. Petersburg and Leningrad, they are loaded with pedigree and have a rep for been a wild rock n roll act that takes no prisoners.The band's debut album "Jungle Party" is nothing short of a blast of kool rock n roll.Slamming in gear with 12 originals that mash up rockabilly,psychobilly trash, calypso,exotica and even a little shot of country .It covers a lot of ground,pushes the genre lines and always keeps the foot on the pedal.This is a band that's on a mission and as a result this is one stout and fun ride.Hell there isn't a weak track to be found but here are a few highlights: "Oriental Rock", " What About Your Love ", "Country Soda", "I'm Lazy"and "Hot Days"
    From start to finish  "Jungle Party" delivers the goods.It's a  pretty stellar debut album by a band that doesn't take it self too seriously.Let's just say it's flat out kool and one that you'll hit the repeat button for.You definitely want to check it out! Highly recommended!!
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