Saturday, 25 August 2018

Slapback Johnny – Hit Me Up 2018

  If your looking for high octane  rockabilly,the Dutch rockabilly trio Slapback Johnny will definitely be the shot you need.These cats have been dishing out a sweet stew of "red hot rockabilly" mixed in with some jump blues and straight up rock n roll since 2012. With 3 damn stout singles under their belts ,fans of the band have been calling out for an album .While the wait is over and the band has dropped their killer debut; "Hit Me Up" and man they are laying down the law.This puppy crashes down the door with 13 original killer tracks.From high impact rockabilly to driving jump blues ,swing and rock n roll, this is one thrill ride you want to join in on .Only once, on "Last Night" do they lift the pedal.We also get all but one of  their  previous released tracks.  Highlights include: "You've Been Told", "One Last Shot", "Bombshell",Ball n Chain" and "Hit Me Up".
      Slapback Johnny really nail it here and as a result "Hit Me Up" is one of the years best albums It's a powerful outing that's totally enjoyable, fun and leaves you wanting more.Highly recommended!!!

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