Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Devil's Sons - Godless Creatures 2017

Out of the frozen wasteland known as Edmonton comes The Devil's Sons and these cats mean business.You may not be familiar with them but they pack some mean canuck psycho pedigree.With Brad Graves (Grave Mistakes, The Brains) and Ferenando De Los Santos (The Preying Saints, Raygun Cowboys)  in this outfit,one just knows that something good is brewing. In the last couple of years they have released  some demos and a solid single and now they are dropping their much anticipated debut album. With "Godless Creatures" The Devil's Sons kick some major ass.This is full frontal psychobilly mashing with "high octane rock n roll" and as a result; takes no prisoners. We get 13 original tracks of evil fun that leave you wanting more.Hell they even throw in a little sax ,just to keep you on your toes  It's an impressive effort from start to finish. Highlights include:"Motor City Blues",With Vengeance", "Angel Of Pain: , "Stray From The Pack And Murder" and "Bloodline"

You can't go wrong with " Godless Creatures" ,this powerful, kinetic, in your face but not overwhelming  and just freakin' sweet .Meet your new favorite psychobilly band:The Devil's Sons  Highly recommended!!!

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