Sunday, 11 June 2017

Satan's Pilgrims - Siniestro 2017

Few surf band's have had the impact that Satan's Pilgrims have.This Portland outfit has and is hugely influential in the surf scene .So it is big news when they release a new record especially since it's been over 8 years since their last release of new music.That last outing  of new material  was 2009"s " Psychsploitation",which is considered to be a landmark surf album.Now in 2017 they have stepped out of the shadows with "Siniestro" and this puppy is freakin' sweet. This time out they get back to the basics: traditional surf with the right amount of aggression. We get 15 original  tracks here that at times show restrain and still pack a punch.As in the past ,their 3 guitar attack  gives the band a full crisp,surf sound that will color you impressed.Highlights include: "The Juggernaut", "Uphill Scramble","Short Sand Surf" and "Siniestro"
               Getting right to the point here : "Siniestro" is a flat out stout and kool album.Not only is this a stellar surf  album it's also one of the years best in any genre and you can take that to the bank.Highly recommended !!!! 

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