Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Neutronz - Motel Hell 2016

Some bands deserve your attention and The Neutronz  are diffidently one of those bands.Since 2011 these kats have released  2 killer albums along with 1 ep and each time out they keep getting better.Their brand of neo rockabilly is always vigorous,diverse and fresh.With their latest album , "Motel Hell" they continue too impress and raise the bar.Blasting down the door with 13 originals and 2 kool covers that simply nail it.You will be hard pressed not to like this puppy. Again The Neutronz deliver what you would expect , kool exciting neo rockabilly.Hell they turn up the heat and add a little more blues into the mix. These kats have always mixed it up and continue to do so here and that makes for enjoyable listening.Highlights : "The Loveless", " Zombie Train" , "The Day The Music Died ,"Till The Morning Comes" and " Burlesque"

     If your a fan of The Neutronz your gonna love "Motel Hell" and if your not you should really grab it or any of their releases.This is an excellent album by a billy band that damn well knows how to deliver the goods.Easily their best and highly recommended !!!

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