Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mike Fantom & The Bop a-tones - Too Hot Too Bop 2016

In late 2015 I started hearing rumblings of this killer rockabilly band ,Mike Fantom & The Bop a-tones out of Belgium .They have been tearing it up since  2009 and the constant words used to describe them were and are  wild, desperate,raw and exciting.Well lets just say these kats live up to that buzz. Hell to be honest with you my expectations were  set high and I was still kinda blowin' away. That said the band's debut album has washed ashore and it's a straight up killer disc.This puppy struts in with 13 tracks of wild rockabilly and 50's  rock n roll that will knock your socks off.There is nothing here not to like.Highlights include: "Guitar Breaker", " Too Hot Too Bop", I've Gotta Find Someone" and "Vampire Baby".

      With " Too Hot Too Bop"   Mike Fantom & The Bop a-tones have released an album that is brisk, infectious and pretty damn kool.This is a straight up winner and well worth checking out. You will be glad you did .Highly recommended!!!

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