Thursday, 5 March 2015

JD McPherson - Let the Good Times Roll 2015

Back in 2010  JD McPherson  unleashed the killer album "Signs and Signifiers" onto an unsuspecting world.Talk about blowing up ,hell the album still has legs and McPherson  became the next big thing ,from  rockabilly to blues to just even  roots rock fans he became the man.Well he's back with his sophomore effort " Let the Good Times Roll "  and this puppy steps up big time.Bigger, bolder and more diverse than his debut .Coming in with 11 tracks  that stray from rock n roll to r&b and at times has a rockabilly vibe .We get a mix of straight up rockers to slow burners and  McPherson and his band nail it all.Highlights include:" It Shook Me Up" ," Mother Of Lies", " Head Over Heels" and "Let The Good Times Roll"

      There are some people who thought JD McPherson was a one off lucky guy with "Signs and Signifiers" .Well  "Let the Good Times Roll ' will dispel that, this is an album that is full of heart and soul that you can't help but like it.Anyway you cut it this is  impressive. Highly recommended !

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