Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Number 9 Blacktops - The County Circle Track

Formerly known as Skinny Jim and The Number 9 Blacktops  and now as just The Number 9 Blacktops ,these kats have been  rockin' hard since 2006. This is a rockabilly / rock n roll band that over the years have put out 3 smokin' albums and have built a solid fan base.By their own admission they play a brand of "hot-rod rockabilly and motorcycle rock-n-roll "and it's hard not to like these kats. The band's 4th album "The County Circle Track" comes in with 12 tracks that are  full of swagger and more than delivers .Like in the past  these kats  have laid down an album that's a kool blast of billy and straight up rock n roll.Highlights include: " Interstate Rocker" , " Tijuana, Mexico" , " Drink and Holler " and " King of the Demolition Derby".
             The Number 9 Blacktops  are in fine form here and "The County Circle Track" is another damn   good album by them .These kats are on a winning streak and you probably should check them out. Recommended!

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  1. If you have never heard of these guys before, you need to check them out! They turn out fabulous Rockabilly year after year. County Circle Track is no exception! Keep it rocking boys!