Saturday, 12 April 2014

Brioles - Hit The Floor With... 2014

Right from the get go when the Brioles formed in the mid 80's,these Spainish kats have never been your typical rockabilly band.To some they are psychobilly to others neo-rockabilly and to their diehard fans "Briolbilly". The truth is that they are a damn good rockabilly that does what it wants and isn't afraid to follow a different path.That said the band's new album(their7th release,counting both eps and albums) "Hit The Floor With..." may just be their best yet.This puppy swings in with 15 tasteful servings of kool and unique rockabilly/rock n roll.There is tinges of garage,punk and blues sprinkled throughout the album.One thing the Brioles have always done extremely well is mixing in various influences into their material and that  is also the case here.Highlights include:" Boppin' ", " Plan 9", "A Nail In My Shoes", and "Los Hombres Muertos"
       Hit The Floor With... is one really strong album that is diverse,sounds fresh and rocks pretty damn good.After all these years you just know the Brioles  still got it and that there is a lot of gas in the tank. Highly recommended!!

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