Sunday, 29 September 2019

Snakebite - Rock Rumble & Roll 2019

   It's always a  good thing when Sweden's Snakebite puts out a new album.It's pretty much a sure bet that when these cats put out something new ,it's going to be damn sweet.Their latest and 11th album " Rock Rumble & Roll" delivers the goods once again. This time out we 9 originals and 4 covers of killer or as some say kick ass rock n roll. Pulling no surprises here,we get a kool mix of teddy boy rock,rockabilly to straight up rock n roll and a little splash of the blues. It's flat out kool and just may be their best releases so far.There isn't a week track to found here.Highlights include: "Fantasy Lady", "Down The Highway", " Rock Rumble & Roll" and the smokin' "It's Too Late".

       " Rock Rumble & Roll" is another top shelf release from Snakebite .This is fun ,stout rock n roll that lights a fire under your ass.It's also an album you gotta pick up. Highly recommended!!   

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