Sunday 25 August 2019

Love Tattoo - When Life Comes Knockin' 2019

  Word of mouth is a powerful thing.So when you start  hearing a whack of good talk about a brand new band from England over here in the new world ,you just gotta look into it .In this case it's Love Tattoo and it's all about modern rockabilly that lives up to the buzz.The band's debut album "When Life Comes Knockin" is pretty impressive and punches the ticket with 13 original tracks of sweet modern rockabilly.From  sultry burners to rockers this scores a direct hit.  It's an infectious affair that will grow on you.Highlights include: Rockabilly Stomp", "Anybody Else But Me", "Not My Style" and  "When Life Comes Knockin' ".

       Love Tattoo have served notice with "When Life Comes Knockin' ".This sets the bar high for them and you just know there is more to come.Hell your better half will love you for picking this one up.Highly recommended !! .

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