Sunday, 25 August 2019

Wild Wax Combo - Flat Out 2019

For years now;Wild Wax Combo has consistently  delivered damn good and "authentic" rockabilly. With 5 albums under their belt,( the last one been  the killer  Lip Lickin' Lou  back in 2010) they are a top flight outfit.Since then they have teased fans with the "Space Invaders" back in 2012  and again last year(2018) with another ep "Model A". The long wait for fans wanting an album is now over with the release of "Flat Out"This puppy struts and rocks out with 10 originals and 1 cover of what these cats do best ,straight up and raw rockabilly.We get all 4 songs from the "Model A" ep and the rest is all new.The band is on top of their game here and shows no signs of slowing down.Highlights include: "I'm On Fire", "Flat Out", Rebel Without A Cause" and "Monster Of Madness"
       Just like a sure bet , Wild Wax Combo have once again come up with the goods. With  Flat Out  they have stayed the course and showed they still have a whack of gas in the tank.This is flat out kool and one you gotta pick up.Highly recommended !! 

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