Saturday, 12 May 2018

Punch Drunk Cabaret - This is a Disturbance 2018

  When it comes to Punch Drunk Cabaret, you need to know a couple of things. This is a daring,unique and original outfit,that's flat out killer.With every release they step it up and always surprise.That said the masters of Steampunk Swing are back with their 4th album, "This is a Disturbance". Not holding back, this puppy goes straight for the throat.We get 11 original tracks that  rock pretty hard.Once again they deliver a great mix of steampunk,billy,swing,blues and rock n roll. It's also their darkest album and has a shot of anger, too boot.However don't let that fool you ,it's also pretty kool and a damn refreshing thrill ride.Highlights include: "Flag. Bible. Gun", "Bucketful Of Boom", "Bring Your Teeth","Burn Down The Chicken House" and "Under The Darkest Sky"
       Once again Punch Drunk Cabaret  have released another winner with " This is a Disturbance".Hell it's a smart and dangerous album,that will color you impressed and leave you wanting more. Highly recommended!!!   

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