Sunday, 20 May 2018

Hellbilly Club - Terror Tales 2018

For over 23 years now  the Hellbilly Club as been dishing out some tasty and at times eclectic rockabilly/ psychobilly. With a rap sheet of 7 albums under their belts, this outfit has proven to be a damn good and unique.They also aren't afraid to change things up. It's been 4 years  since they released the impressive "Subhumanos", their last album.Now  their eighth album, "Terror Tales"is out and one again they have shifted gears.This time out we get 12 tracks of damn stout old school psychobilly. It's also a big shot of horror, from ghost ,witches, the undead and more.But don't be fooled here this is one fun ride.We also get a blast of hard driving slapping bass and twangy guitars, that make this a brisk and kool affair.Highlights include: "She Came Back From The Grave", "Spanish Kats Attack", "You'll Be My Victim", and "Lost In The Jungle"
       With "Terror Tales",the Hellbilly Club have shown they still have a whack a gas in the tank and they can still surprise .This is a pretty strong release that you should throw some of your hard earned cash down on. Highly recommended!

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