Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Malicious Dogs - Redemption 2017

Snarling and growling out of France come  The Malicious Dogs  a trio of psychobilles that aren't afraid to push the fold.Playing a blend of old school and new psychobilly with a solid does of rock n roll and blues that makes them kinda unique. The band's debut album "Redemption" is solid proof of that. This puppy bites hard with 14 original tracks that mixes things up.We get  straight psychobilly to psycho infused blues/rocking jams. Hell 7 tracks push beyond the 5 minutes barrier so you know this isn't your typical psychobilly band.One track, "Wild Wolf" comes in at just under the 8 minute mark.Despite the long tracks the album still manages to gain and hold your attention from start to finish.It's a different and refreshing kool ride.Highlights include "Hot Rod Ride", "Machiavellian Miles", "Losing Card" and "Rockin' Walk"

     If anything "Redemption" is a stout,interesting and daring debut that pays off.The Malicious Dogs are a band that are willing to take chances and the results are pretty damn good.Recommended.   

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