Sunday, 12 March 2017

Knuckles - Fist Fury 2016

Once in a while a new band comes along and just nails it.Case in point, the Knuckles out of Finland and man these cats really rock.They may be new but there is a whack of pedigree here and it shows  This is high octane speed rock meets psychobilly and it's done very well. The band's debut album "Fist Fury" delivers on it's title in more ways than one. We get an intro,10 full throttle tracks and one kool acoustic track that come at you hard and fast .Yeah it's speed rock with a whack of punk and it's more psychobilly than punkabilly. It's also well written and executed and that makes for one hell of a ride.Highlights include: "Mouth Wide Slut", "Dust & Bones", "Psychopath" and "Drunken Fury"

    It maybe a debut album but " Fist Fury" is flat out killer.It takes no prisoners and you may want to buckle up for this one.Highly recommended!!   

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