Friday, 26 August 2016

The Pinstripes - Gotta Roll 2016

It's been  3 years since The Pinstripes  last album, the rock solid "Still Kickin' ". That won't surprise anyone who is aware of these cats and if you don't know who they are, all you need to know is that they really are one damn good  kickass rockabilly outfit.That said the band's latest and 4th album has just dropped and this puppy has been worth the wait.Talk about bang for your buck, we get 15 tracks that deliver the goods. From the usual kickass rockabilly to rockabilly blues, rocknroll and border line psychobilly.Throw in some harp action, a few  kool and unique covers(Moon Martin, Metallica, and more ) and the result will color you impressed. Highlights include: "Devil In Me" ," Gotta Roll", "Rockabilly Radio" and the Lee Dresser cover "El Camino Real".
   The Pinstripes are a band that just keeps getting better and  "Gotta Roll" is easily their best album yet.This is an album you gotta snag up. Highly Recommended !

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