Sunday, 14 August 2016

THE RETARDED RATS - Screams From The 10th Planet 2016

The Retarded Rats may be the scruge of Leipzig but that doesn't change the fact that they are one kool and interesting psychobilly band.Their  more than solid debut album "Lost In Space And Lost In Time" and last year's single ,"Underground Is Dead" prove that .Despite a membership change the band is back and stronger than ever .Now in 2016 they have just dropped their sophomore album "Screams From The 10th Planet" and this puppy is a winner.We get 12 tracks(11 originals) of raw and rough old school psychobilly to cure your ills .This time out there is a good splash of  trashy garage thrown into the mix.The result is a damn strong album that scores a direct hit.Highlights include: "No Time To Die", " Neo-Psychobilly", "Nananananananananananana" and the smart cover of "Searching"
           The Retarded Rats have stepped it up a notch with " Screams From The 10th Planet".This is old school psychobilly that sounds fresh and delivers the goods.They are band you diffidently should check out.Also their label Killjoy Records is worth hitting up.Recommended!! 

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