Saturday, 11 October 2014

SICK SICK SINNERS - Unfuckinstoppable 2014

When it comes to the Sick Sick Sinners you either like them or you don't and there seems to be no middle ground  about them.But one thing for sure is that they are damn good and few will disagree with that.Right from the start ,these psycho cats have had a whack of high expectations placed on them.Their debut album, 2008's "Road Of Sin" is pretty good and the 2012 ep "Hospital Hell" is just as impressive. Late last year(2013)  word spread fast that the band was going into the studio for their second album and man the buzz was high.Well the results are now out and "Unfuckinstoppable" lives up to all the hype and more.This monster smashes and bashes in with 10 tracks of in your face psychobilly that hit the gas pedal hard and  don't let up .This is loud, furious, totally kinetic and clocks in at around 25 minutes.Thus this  puppy really leaves you wanting more.Highlights include: "Six Feet Underground","Unfuckinstoppable","Bacon Seed" and "Where's My Baby Girl".  
   You could say that the Sick Sick Sinners have delivered a knock out punch with "Unfuckinstoppable".  From the strength of songs, the execution and  to the production,every thing about it  is  top shelf. This is not only a killer album it's also  killer psychobilly!  Highly Recommended!

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