Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pike Cavalero - Torro 2014

                                                                                      Photo by Kitty Cat Kustom Arts.
Pike Cavalero & the Gentle Bandoleros served notice to the rockabilly world  in 2011 with "Just a Matter of Manners " and man  it worked .These Spanish kats quickly establish themselves as a must see band and people started calling them "the real deal". Since that debut release the band has dropped  the "Weekender " demo and 2 stellar ep's .Now in 2014 Pike Cavalero   has  just release his first solo effort and it's top notch rockabilly, just what you would expect . Torro  bops in with 14 killer tracks that basically bounce from rockabilly to 50's rock n roll and it's pretty impressive to boot.There is a couple of  covers to go with the  originals as well as all 4 tracks off the  "In Second Round "ep that have been remixed here.Highlights include:" Black Hearts Club", " Six Shoother Blues","Wannabes" and a kool cover of "The Race Is On" done in Spanish.
          If your a fan of Pike Cavalero (and who isn't)  you'll love "Torro" if your not  but you love rockabilly this puppy is a must  This raw, boppin', hip shakin  rockabilly so what more do you want. Highly Recommended !!

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