Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Long Tall Texans – The Devil Made Us Do It 2014

 The Long Tall Texans have never been your typical psychobilly band .You could say that they have been kinda out of step with the direction that many of their peers have taken and that's a good thing.Over the years they have managed to meld rock n roll, punk, country and even ska into their brand of psychobilly.As a result of this the band has a definite signature sound  and it's pretty sweet.That sound anchors the band and has made it possible for them to change things up at the drop of a hat.The band's last release was 2005's "The Adventures of..." so a new album has been a long time coming.For those who have been waiting fear not "The Devil Made Us Do It" is finally here  and it's pretty damn impressive.This puppy roars in with 13 very satisfying tracks.As usual the band rips it up and changes things up from psychobilly, punk to rockabilly and tinges  of country, basically just what you would expect from these kats. There really isn't a weak track here .Stand out tracks are: "Terry" ,"Girlfriend","Covered In Sin" and "I Fell In Love With A Zombie". Two of the tracks here "Kill Me" and "What Part Of Fuck Off Don't You Understand "appeared last year on the spin off project  demo for Alien Invasion Fleet.
   The Long Tall Texans really nail it here and "The Devil Made Us Do It" is one album you should have. Highly Recommended !

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