Sunday, 24 November 2019

The Lucky Devils - News from Earth 2019

 Over the course of the last 20 years The Lucky Devils have been one of the better and  most consistence  psychobilly bands out there. For many they are a band that is known for their daring and kool covers.But make no mistake, this is one original and refreshing outfit that brings it on.The band's latest and 7th album " News from Earth" bares that out. This time out we get 8 originals and 3 covers of a killer  mix of old school psychobilly ,neo-rockabilly and rocknroll .Hell they even throw in a little surf .As usual they change up the gears and keep it lively and as a result this is damn refreshing and a whack of fun.Highlights include: "Zombie Kids" , "Bongos Sounds", "We're All Gonna Die", the cover of  "Greensleeves" and "Banzai"
    From start to finish " News from Earth" is flat out killer.This rocks big and nails it .It's also The Lucky Devils  best album yet and one of the years best too boot.You can bank on that!

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