Sunday, 20 October 2019

The Raygun Cowboys - "Bloodied But Unbroken" 2019

One always gets the feeling that with every release The Raygun Cowboys are about to, as they say "break out". You would be hard press not to like them after hearing them.This is flat out fun ,infectious rockabilly/ psychobilly that at the end of the day is freakin' sweet  rock n roll .Even if horn sections with rock  aren't your thing, these cats will still slay you.With a killer rap sheet of 5 albums .it's just a matter of time before one of Canada's best kept rock n roll  secrets gets their due. Well time may just be now with their latest release: "Bloodied But Unbroken", been released by Stomp here in North America and by Diablo Records in Europe.  Once again The Rayguns up the anti  and unleash a damn  kool slab that will have you up and shaking.This time out we get 9 originals and 1 cover than truly deliver the goods. They stay the course here, as a result we get a simmering stew of rockabilly,psychobilly,punk and rock.Highlights include: "Jonesin' ", "YEG", "Fast Machine", "Live My Life For Rock n Roll" and "Limbo".
        If   anything "Bloodied But Unbroken" is a straight up winner and also a must have.It's that damn good.Hell if your not a fan you will be if you give it a shot. The Raygun Cowboys are one of the best bands out there and they are on top of their game here. 

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