Sunday, 16 June 2019

The Lucitones - Three Moons 2019

 One of America's  most dangerous bands is on a roll.I'm talkin' about The Lucitones here and with 2  mighty fine eps and a killer debut album already under their belts, these psychobilly cats have become top contenders. If that wasn't enough their latest and best release yet " Three Moons" is now out and it's flat out killer.This puppy attacks with confidence and delivers a knock out punch .We get 12 servings of  a tasty brew of  psychobilly, rock n roll and punk.Also all 3 tracks from the 2018 ep "Mark Of The Wolf" appear here. It's a psychobilly album that has fun and means business.Highlights include:  "Change The Locks","Mark Of  Cain", "Haunted Halls","Swingin' By The Door" and "Her Crypt In The Woods" .
      Sure I admit I'm a of The Lucitones, but believe me if your not already fan give "Three Moons" a spin and you will be.It's that good and one of the best this year too boot.Highly recommended!!!

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