Sunday, 25 December 2016

Darrel Higham, Jittery Jack - Darrel Higham Meets Jittery Jack! 2016

If your  into rockabilly your going to know who Jittery Jack and  Darrel Higham are.Both are big names who also have deservedly big reputations.Back in the summer of 2015 these cats got together and started to lay down an album.You just knew that this was going to be killer.While the results are now out and man sparks fly.This puppy struts in confidence and more than lives up to what you would expect.Clocking in with 12 tracks that for the most part rock out and leaving you wanting more.This is top notch rockabilly/ rock n roll from start to finish.It's almost a  50/ 50 split with the songs here and the resulting mix is  well balanced and has a great feel. Highlights include: " You Can't Touch","Another Barroom Fight", " Frankie's Back In Town","Red Hot Mama" and "The Remedy"
         Darrel Higham and  Jittery Jack  have released a stellar effort here .These are 2 men who know how to deliverer the goods  and this puppy will color you impressed.Highly recommended!! 1426875547608354/?fref=ts

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