Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Bloodshots - On Fire 2013

Since emerging on the New York City rock scene in the summer of 2012  The Bloodshots have really shakin' things up .The band became known for their dynamic live performances and the phrase "Dangerous Rockabilly" has been used to describe them.Hell word of mouth on these kats was and is still pretty good.With the release of " On Fire" (their debut) the band firmly backs up the buzz.Clocking in with 13 original ass kicking tracks that don't pull any punches.From straight up  rockabilly to a little country,some tinges of the blues  to rock n roll this puppy delivers the goods.So let's just say this is damn fine rockabilly. Highlights include: "Rollin' Out" ,"You Can't Break My Soul", the kool "Long Gone, So Long" and " Nothing Without You" .
   On Fire  is a fitting title as this is a raw,tough,kool and smokin' album. Easily one of the years best debuts  and one that you should throw some hard earned cash down on. Recommended! 

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