Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Frogs - Witch! 2012

Young  Swiss  psycho's The Frogs made a name for themselves with their 2010 debut "Revenge Of". For some fans of old school psychobilly  the band was seen as a breath of fresh air, too others it was a case of more of the same .However you look at it "Revenge Of"  is a good debut album.Now the band is back with their sophomore release " Witch! " and it's pretty damn good .Yeah it's still  faithful to old school but the album sounds  fresh and modern (dare I say). Clocking in with 14 brisk tracks  The Frogs have diffidently step it up here.Highlights include : "Joliboy", "Avanche", "Last Of The Teenagers" and "Old Nick's Wine". This  isn't heavy handed ,true to the old school and a hell of a lot of fun. You may want to check it out even if your not into old school psychobilly.

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