Saturday, 19 January 2013

Motorzombis – El Regreso De Motorzombis (2012)

Lots of bands claim to be influenced by horror movies but few take it to the depths that Motorzombis do.It seems like that's all these psycho Spaniards sing about. Since 2005 they have been dishing out their brand of "Locobilly" and are consider by many to be one of Spain's better psychobilly bands and who am I to argue.That said,  "El Regreso De Motorzombis" is the band's second  album and it should come as no surprise that the band continues down the horror path.Some  people out there say that the band is horror-punk,but make no mistake here this is  psychobilly not horror punk and that's a good thing.Slashing in with 12 psycho-rockers this puppy kicks a little ass.Highlights include: "Ghost Bastards", "The Stuff","Dead Rockers Rumble" and "Herbert West,Re- animador". At times the album has a familiar ring  yet it still sounds fresh  and the band sings mainly in  Spanish.This is by far the best disc Motorzombis .For that reason alone you should check it out.   

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