Sunday, 23 July 2017

Eddy & The Backfires - Dead Man Stare 2017

Over the years Eddy & The Backfires  have earned a rep as one of Europe's top rockabilly bands.Thier brand of rockabilly is considered pretty authentic as well as hard driving and exciting.One just has to check out any of their 3 albums to realize that.Despite a few line up changes this is a band that always ups their game.The current line up has been together since 2015 and is arguably their strongest That said the outfits last album "Cat Killer"was released  back in 2006.So it's been a hell of a long time coming for new materiel.Well the wait is over and boy these cats aren't holding any thing back. Their new and 4th album  "Dead Man Stare" is a real cracker that will have you up and shakin'. This puppy burns up the joint with 15 tracks of pure wild ,hard hitting rockabilly.  It grabs you ,pulls you in and doesn't let go.With the exception of a couple tracks this is a pedal to the metal ride and you gotta like that.Highlights include: "V8 Gang" , "Highway Killer", "Shoot My Baby", "The Cleaner" and " Go Down That Road"
    Simply put " Dead Man Stare" is one of best albums this year.This is stout rockabilly that scores a direct hit.It also gives you a big bang for your buck and leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended!! 

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