Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist ,March 31 , 2021


0. Shakin Katz Theme     The Vanishers

1.Frenzy    The Triplejacks    Wanchai  Sessions Live   ep

2. Don't Stop    Relax Trio    single 

3. Never Gonna Stop It     Rev. Horton Heat    Rev      request

4. The Farrell Bros.    Kristy    This Is A Riot      request

5. Space Snow Plow    Girl Over Planet    Intergalactic Cowboys & Solar Wind Surfers 

6. Graveyard Chicks Are Easy   The Dead Beat Jacks    Graveyard Chicks Are Easy

7. Rotten   The Avery Wolves    Call Of The Wolf 

8. Day Of The Dead   The Gutter Demons   Enter The Demons    request

9. Leather Zombies    Phantom Rockers   Psycho Sick Motherfuckers

10. Ataque    D'eviles Visuales    Live 360

11. Crazy Days Crazy Nights    The Raccoons     single

12. Flat Top Boogie   The Unkool Hillbillies     single

13.I'm A Total Jinx    Atomic Leopards   Double Jinx 

14. Steady Job   The Rockin' Fools   Boppin' In Canada   request

15. Two Timin' Fool   The Millwinders    It's Love 

16. Emma Peel Out    Said The Ripper   Shadow Alley  ep 

17.  It Must Be Love    The Honky Tonk Pounders   Dead End Road  

18.Move Baby Move   The Real Gone Tones    Watch Out !

19. Round Around   The Ragtones    Between Lands  ep

20. Outerspace Chick   Texabilly Rockets    Raw & Wild

21. Feel Real Fine    Shook Boys    Young Breed Compilation Vol.3 

22. Stampede   Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys     single

23. Get Back In The Swamp    The Meteors   Skull N Bones      request

24. Got To Hurry   The Midniters    Terror Incognito

25. Space Outlaw   The Wreck   Sailors Grave 

26. Busted   The Trillionairs   Hidden Tunes From New Dimensions   request

27. Arizona Blues   The Lab Ratz    Escape From The Lab 

28. Surf Blast Inferno    Mom's I'd Like To Surf    Surf  Cops Are Watching You  ep

29. Die In Fire   Wake The Dead   Creatrix  ep 

30. Behind The Door   6 Feet Down    Dead Man's Revolution    

31. Hetzhund   The House Of Haunt   Blood On The Silver Screen

32. Breathing Fyre    Running From Daylight   Elvis Ain't Dead Yet 

33. Ikari Warriors    Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards    Retro Gaming Split 

34. Inferno Beat    The Infernos     single

35. These Boots Are Made For Walking   Psychofarmaka    Reanimates 

36. Storm In A D-Cup   The Sabrejets   Faster Than The Human Eye Can See   ep

37. Let Me Be Your Underwear    The Psychonauts    

38. Pontiac Chief    Boss Fink   RPM

39. Ain't No Rest For Elvis   The Pink Cadillac Scat Cats   S/T  ep request

40. Something Wicked Comes This Way   Jittery Jack   Gonna Have A Time With ...

41. Love You So   The Rhythm Shakers   Voodoo

42. Red Dress   The King Jives    Voodoo Or Die   

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