Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Pinstripes - Troublemaker 2019

      The Pinstripes are a band that seems a hell of a lot of people like and it's easy to see why. This long running rockabilly trio has always put out top notch material and are fun. You just have to check out any of their previous albums if you don't believe it. The band's 5th and latest slab " Troublemaker" is now out and it's no stretch to say it's a killer. This puppy struts in confidently with 11 originals and 4 covers.From neo rockabilly, rockabilly to rock n roll and a little blues, this is one delicious  dish that hits the spot .There isn't a weak track to be found here.Highlights include: "Wasted Again" , " Four Wheeled Coffin", the flat out kool  " Nice Boys" (Rose Tattoo cover) and " Troublemaker".
         It should come as no surprise that once again The Pinstripes  have come up with another winner . "Troublemaker" is a whack of fun that delivers goods.  Still kickass rockabilly . Highly Recommended!!!

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