Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hank Sundown and The Roaring Cascades - Teddy Boy Vikings 2014

These Norwegian Teddy boy rockers  have been at it since 2001 and have a rep as  pretty  good band. Hell more than a few people out there claim they are one of Europe's better rock n roll bands. Their brand of 50's rock ,rockabilly and Teddy boy rock n roll is one kool and infectious brew .So far the band has released 4 pretty solid albums that are all worth checking out.With the release of their 5th album "Teddy Boy Vikings" these kats have upped the game.This puppy kicks the door in with 14  originals that  will grab your attention. From the first cut to the last this is damn good rock n roll  that delivers the goods.All the elements  that make Teddy boy rock n roll kool are here. Highlights include: "Switchblade Bop" , "Blood on the Dance Floor", "Shut up Blondie" and "HVVRF"
    If your one of those people who really never have given Teddy boy rock n roll a listen ,you should and  "Teddy Boy Vikings" is a great starting point.Killer rock n roll by a band that knows how to throw it down.Recommended!



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